June 15, 2024

Choosing the Right Crane for Your Construction Project India's Best Options

Cranes as heavy equipment have significantly upscaled the infra growth in India. To illustrate, the machine facilitates various complex tasks. For instance, infra professionals use this equipment to load & unload heavy materials. More importantly, cranes can be used to transport loads from one place to another. Precisely, this equipment type facilitates the movement of materials in remote locations. Therefore, due to all these functionalities, cranes are the most-demanded machine. Additionally, this equipment is divided into subcategories like tower crane, telescopic, mobile crane, gantry crane, etc. However, in this blog, we’ll cover India’s popular gantry and portable crane models.

Best Construction & Gantry Crane in India

Radha Krishna 22-23 Crane

This is a gantry crane-type model featuring a boom with a length of 18 metres. This capacity, as a result, facilitates the transportation of heavy materials at a greater height. Additionally, the machine can load up to 10 tonnes, thanks to its massive lighting capacity. Moreover, the body height of this grantry crane is around 6 metres. What further facilitates operation is the machine’s speed of up to 10 kmph. As a result, all these features deliver maximum work output & improved work efficiency at construction sites. Overall, the price of this crane model is reasonably priced, ranging between Rs. 7-9 Lakh in India.

ESI LW200 Crane

This construction crane is one of the best-selling models of cranes in India. Rightly so, the model facilitates swift operation, thanks to its maximum speed limit of 25 metres/min. Additionally, the crane weighs up to 200 kg, hence delivering maximum work output. Additionally, the equipment’s body material is 100% stainless steel. Above all, this portable crane is cost-effective, thanks to its reasonable price range of Rs.60,000-70,000. Visit InfraJunction to learn more about these crane models in detail.

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