March 21, 2023
kids involved in your healthy lifestyl

kids involved in your healthy lifestyl


Healthy living is one of those things that’s easier to talk about than it is to do. But it doesn’t have to be hard! Just think about all the fun things you can do with your kids when you’re both on the same page about healthy eating and activity. Here are seven ways that parents can get their kids involved in their own healthy lifestyles:

Teach healthy nutrition.

Teaching your kids about healthy nutrition is a great way to get them involved in your healthy lifestyle. Kids are naturally curious and want to learn about everything, which makes it easy for them to understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Teaching healthy eating habits early on can help prevent obesity later on in life. Once they’ve learned the basics, reward them with treats like fruit or vegetables instead of cash money or toys that aren’t necessary for their well-being (think: video games).

Encourage physical activity.

  • Encourage physical activity.
  • Set fitness goals for your kids.
  • Set fitness goals that are achievable and challenging, respectively.

Set up family fitness challenges.

  • Set up family fitness challenges.
  • How to set up a fitness challenge:
  • Have everyone participate in the same activity (like running, biking or swimming) at the same time every day for a week. It should be fun and exciting, but also easy enough that anyone can do it! For example, if you’re going on vacation together this summer and want to try something different from your usual routine–try hiking! Or maybe your family likes playing soccer games outdoors during summer months…this could be an excellent opportunity for physical activity as well!
  • How to keep it motivating:
  • Make sure that everyone gets credit for their efforts throughout each workout plan so they feel proud of themselves when they accomplish something new each day; 2) Use positive reinforcement so kids feel empowered enough about their bodies and mindsets that they’ll continue doing these activities even when other things get tough–it’s always good news when someone else says “good job” after completing an assignment with 100% accuracy before deadline time arrives at school/work place etc.; 3) Try not being too strict with yourself while setting goals because then there won’t be any room left over whatsoever once those goals are met successfully 🙂

Do fun things together.

One of the best ways to inspire your kids to get involved in healthy living is by doing fun things together. Here are some tips on how you can make it fun for kids:
  • Make sure there is a balance between “doing” and “hanging out.” For example, if your family likes going to the movies or playing soccer together, then make sure they don’t spend all day just hanging out at home watching TV or playing video games (which can lead them into unhealthy habits). Give them something else to do that keeps them active and engaged with their family members.
  • Set up an agenda for what everyone wants from each activity so everyone’s needs are met before moving forward with anything else!

Share your healthy habits with your friends and neighbors.

  • Get involved in a local sports team.
  • Join a local club or activity that’s healthy, like biking or running, or join one that isn’t, like playing video games all day long (it’s okay not to do anything).
  • Start a walking group with other people who want to get active–it could be at the park or your neighborhood library! Just make sure it has at least one person who actually goes regularly because this will help motivate you when things get tough later on down the line! 4 . Join an exercise class at your gym if there is one nearby (or join online for free), but try not to go too often; once every two weeks is enough for now since you don’t want to burn yourself out before getting started properly with healthy eating habits anyway! If nothing else comes up during those two weeks then just keep doing what works best for each individual person individually – maybe try something different next time around?”

Being active and eating well can enrich your family’s life as well as yours.

Being active and eating well can enrich your family’s life as well as yours. When you’re active, you reduce your risk for serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. And when you eat well? The benefits include lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as an improved sense of overall health. But it doesn’t stop there: staying physically fit also helps children develop social skills, improve their performance in school (and beyond), build confidence, self-esteem and leadership abilities–and generally just feel better about themselves!


We hope this article has inspired you to get your kids more involved in healthy living. The best part? It doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming! Try some of these ideas, and then set up a plan that works for your family.

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