July 19, 2024
Expohire - Fridge Hire
Are you about to host a splendid event for family, friends, or colleagues? One thing many guests ignore but that you, as the host, can’t afford to skip is getting enough refrigerator storage space! That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to fridge hire in the UK – so you can avoid any warm drinks and spoilt food when it comes time for your party. Let us show you how easy renting a fridge is so that all your guests have chilled beverages and snacks available throughout your fete!

Know the important things before hiring a fridge

Hiring a fridge can be an incredibly useful addition to any gathering or special occasion – whether it’s an outdoor summer barbeque, a picnic in the park, or a large-scale corporate event. So let’s take a look at what you should consider before hiring out any refrigeration equipment: 1. Budget – Fridge hire may seem like an expense that can easily be cut back on, but make sure you factor it into your overall budget when planning events – especially if there will be food and drinks being served up throughout the day. Look around for competitive prices and make sure that whatever you choose is fit for purpose! 2. Power/Ventilation Requirements – Depending on how many guests are expected at your event, and what type of refrigerator will best suit your needs (i.e., single vs multi-shelf units), check that there are enough power points available or if extra ventilation needs to be installed in order to keep all products cold and fresh during their stay with us. If this isn’t possible then look for rental companies who also offer portable battery-powered options as well – perfect for smaller gatherings away from mains electricity sources! 3. Make Sure It Suits Your Event Type – Consider factors such as size versus capacity, depending on whether guests need access throughout the day (ideal if hosting food stalls) versus occasional access (great when storing larger quantities of beverages). Also, think about location within the venue space; is the ease of flow vital? Ensure accessibility accordingly by placing items away from guest pathways where appropriate and allowing room temperature drinks storage where available too – ideal when catering to repeat visitors over extended periods like evening functions or weekend festivals! 4. Insulation/Protection Measures Needed –  This one goes without saying; make sure all hired fridges meet health & safety requirements but also provide measures against environmental damage such as heaters/radiators being connected close by which could cause overheating problems. Investing in quality protection accessories (for example covers) will ultimately protect both product stock inside from spoiling and external damage during transportation so always double-check first before signing off delivery requirements too – better safe than sorry! 5. Cooling requirements – Always ask suppliers about power usage recommendations prior to confirming orders in case additional cooling requirements are needed due to recommended ambient temperatures. Always measure dimensions accurately according to rental company guidelines prior to ordering covers etc.

Bottom line

With so much to consider when it comes to the fridge for hire hopefully, this ultimate guide has answered any questions you had and clarified the process. From identifying what size of fridge you need for your event, factors to consider for the success of the refrigerator throughout your events, associated costs, and helpful advice – make sure you have it all covered. After all, no one wants warm drinks! With Expohire’s top-class services and customer care, your next event in the UK will be a blast. Let Expohire help you make your next event run smoothly and ensure that no matter what kind of beverage is on offer, everyone will be happy. Contact Expohire today and get started with organizing the perfect fridge hire package for your upcoming gathering!

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