June 13, 2024
best things to do Aberdeen

best things to do Aberdeen

How about exploring Aberdeen enthusiastically on a different note at night time? It is an immersive experience for a traveler who wants to know the city. You can visit pubs, casinos, clubs, etc. There are plenty of options to engage in various activities, too. Here are some helpful details.

Getting the vibe

Our first quest in Aberdeen is to track down someone who works for the city and nab their autograph or snap a selfie with them. It’s like collecting a piece of the city’s soul to carry with us on our adventure. Imagine the stories they could tell about this vibrant place!

Sensing the charm

Now, speaking of diversity, let’s find someone who hails from over 1,000 miles away. Snap a picture or gather their name as a token of our international connection. It’s a testament to Aberdeen’s global allure.

Tasting delicacies

Time for a taste of history! While waiting for our meal at the oldest restaurant in town, let’s take a selfie to capture the anticipation. Who knows, this might be the meal that introduces us to a new favorite dish we never would’ve chosen otherwise.

A fun activity

While wandering the charming streets of Aberdeen, our keen eyes are on the lookout for a street sign that begins with the letter “P.” A simple task, but one that keeps us engaged with our surroundings, and it is among the simplest and best things to do Aberdeen.

Another one for you

Challenge your counting skills, tallying the number of traffic lights we encounter. It’s an unexpectedly amusing way to experience the city’s flow.

A short adventure

Navigate through GPS coordinates to reach a hidden spot. When you arrive, scan the QR code to confirm your location and unveil another clue. It’s like being part of an urban treasure hunt!

The energetic spirit

Night or day, Aberdeen never sleeps. Spot a “24 hours” neon sign in a business window, showcasing the city’s vibrant spirit around the clock.

Take a deep breath

Pause for a moment of tranquility amid the urban hustle. Capture an empty park bench, a serene reminder of the city’s peaceful corners.

The immersion resumes

Now, let’s embrace the industrial charm of Aberdeen by photographing railroad tracks adorned with their distinctive crossbars. It’s an iconic sight that tells tales of journeys past and present.

The camaraderie

Venture into a local parking lot and seek out a cart corral from a store that’s foreign to your hometown. It’s like a miniature global market right here in Aberdeen!

Do not miss the typical spots

Of course, no adventure is complete without paying homage to the city’s crown jewel. Head to the most popular landmark, snap a tourist selfie, or have a local take one for you. It’s a memento of your unforgettable visit.


Time to unleash your inner filmmaker! Capture Aberdeen’s essence in a travel ad-style video and share it with your fellow adventurers. Show them the magic you’ve uncovered.


Keep your eyes peeled for a police car or emergency vehicle with sirens blaring. Catching this fleeting moment adds a dash of excitement to your expedition.

Know the culture

The heartbeat of Aberdeen lies in its town square. Photograph its vibrant energy, which echoes with stories and memories.

Get the riddles

Let’s put our brains to the test! Craft puzzles and trivia for fellow explorers to solve, leading them to hidden gems. Capture their triumphant moments with photos and QR codes.

Pure photography

Capture a shot of a city limits sign or an “Est.” sign, marking the city’s history and growth. It’s like holding time in your hands.

A different plan

Venture towards the third street north of the police station and seize the opportunity to photograph the street sign. It’s an unexpected twist on your journey.

Love yourself

Hail a taxi or hop on a bus, and don’t forget to snap a selfie during your ride. It’s a candid moment that adds movement to your adventure.

Exploring eateries

Follow GPS coordinates for lunch and dinner spots, embracing the thrill of uncertainty. Let your taste buds explore, and who knows what delightful surprises you’ll encounter.

Be friendly

Interact with the locals on a different level – find someone strolling with their furry friend and ask for a dog’s autograph or a snapshot. A paw print would be a unique keepsake!

Creating memories

In a world where payphones are nearly extinct, stumble upon a working one and capture a snapshot. For bonus points, make a call and record the video – a technological throwback!

The enchantment

Eyes on the city’s transformations! Capture local road construction or a road work sign, a testament to the city’s constant evolution.

The prime symbols

Spot an outdoor clock gracing the façade of a bank or library, and take a picture. It’s a timeless symbol of Aberdeen’s continuity.

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