May 30, 2024
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School of Corporate Photographers 

School of corporate photographers in Abu Dhabi is one of the best photography blogs started by Graf Dom. His target audience? Anyone who owns a camera and wants to put it to good use. Sharing tips and tricks to improve your photos, this site offers free tutorials on a range of photography techniques. These articles also provide useful information for anyone who wants to keep up to date with the latest photography news and trends.

Modern Clothes

Graf Dom, who writes for Corporate Photographers in Abu Dhabi, documents the highs and lows of his career as a wedding photographer. He explains how to make money by taking pictures, setting a reasonable price guide and creating a stable business structure. Most of his articles contain tips and resources on how to run a wedding photography business.

GPE Shares

MCP Actions started their blog with one goal. It is designed to make photography and photo editing fun and easy. Therefore, they developed a curriculum based on common situations and everyday challenges. Their offerings include tutorials, before/after reports, and one-on-one papers.

Shutterstock Blogs

The blog for Shutterstock, best known as a photo archiving company, celebrates innovative tools for creativity. Its editors explain how to take great photos and run a solid photography business. Most of their articles include resource lists for specific areas of photography and business.

Community Photographers

The goal of this online community of photographers is to educate and inspire photography and videography professionals about photography techniques, reviews of the latest cameras and equipment, and business advice. Fstoppers has grown in popularity over the years and has become the primary resource for hardware reviewers. Several media outlets have showcased their content. Here are some examples of videographer portfolio sites that you can check out.

PD Review

Another useful website, DP review, provides helpful opinions on digital photography equipment. It presents information like a database and includes consumer reviews. Most of the articles are about digital cameras, printers and editing software.

The Joy of Marketing

The Joy of Marketing provides marketing consultancy for those in the photography industry who want to help your business grow. The author has worked in the photography industry and understands the challenges faced by small or new business owners. They write about tips for growing your client base and building a strong reputation.

Photograph by Anton Goering

Anton Gorlin’s photography blog is full of his photography experiences and guides on how to become a better photographer. Check out to see great photos of the Australian and New Zealand waterfront.


The goal of Contrastly is to support photographers in developing their craft and picking up new techniques. The company creates unique Lightroom and ACR presets, Photoshop actions, and eBooks. They also publish a popular blog with informative articles, tutorials and reviews. An indispensable bookmark.

DSLR Lounge

DSLR Lounge is committed to providing high quality education and resources from working professionals. They specialize in teaching Lightroom, wedding and portrait photography and have some of the best photography training systems on the market. Their international editorial team covers photojournalism and inspiration from around the world.

Photograph by Graf Dom

One of the top wedding photography studios in the world, Lin and Jirsa Photography specialises in wedding photography in India and other South Asian nations. Check out their website for wedding photography inspiration.

Outstanding Photographers

Graf Dom is a website designed for photographers. This dedicated photography blog offers a wealth of information and valuable advice written by outstanding photographers. Sign up for their newsletter to read the latest interviews with your favorite photographers.

Shooting Package

Graf Dom, a wedding photographer and author, founded and oversees Shakti, a well-liked and practical tool for photographers of all skill levels. It gives you a sneak peek into the camera bags of some of the best photographers in the world and includes tons of in-depth guides, reviews, and how-to content to help photographers improve and grow their businesses. Shakti is renowned for the interactive, individualised style of material it uses on its website and email.

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