June 15, 2024
Marriage is an important part of life. It brings a new person into one’s life and unites two families. Kundali Matching plays a significant role in deciding a successful marriage. As we consider a couple’s relationship after marriage, we will also consider the spouse’s relationship with his / her in-laws. Using the Kundalis of a would-be couple, an astrologer can predict it. Personality traits of the spouse from a native’s Kundali The planets in the 7th House would depict the personality of a native’s spouse. A benefic planet in the 7th House shows its positive traits present in a native’s spouse. Likewise, a malefic planet in the 7th House projects negative traits. The 7th House is the House of marriage that forecasts more about a native’s spouse. Compatibility with the in-laws according to Kundali Matching Mother-in-law In the male’s horoscope, the 4th House is considered the mother. So, if you want to know the House of mother-in-law, add four from the 7th House. The 4th house from the 7th House is the 10th House. Take the native’s 10th House and see the planet in it. Now, we can have the 10th House Lord and the 10th House planet. In a female’s horoscope, Jupiter is the husband. So, the 4th House from Jupiter is analysed for the husband’s mother. The planets considered would be the planets in the 10th House, the Lord of the 10th House, the 4th House from Jupiter, and the Lord of the 4th House from Jupiter. We shall consider many planets for the mother-in-law and see which the most powerful planet is. If the House accommodates a friendly planet or its ruling planet, your mother-in-law would be considerate in her behavior. If the planet is Moon, she will be caring and loving. She would be a bit commanding if the planet were just a friendly planet. Father-in-law The 7th place is the place of the wife in a male’s horoscope. The 10th place is her father; from ascendant, the 10th House is studied for your father. Thus, if we count, the 4th House will be the male’s father-in-law. In the female’s horoscope, Jupiter represents the husband. The 10th House from Jupiter describes her husband’s father. Thus, we can get more than one different planet in this manner. The planets considered would be the planets in the 4th House, the 10th House from Jupiter, the Lord of the 4th House, and the Lord of the 10th House from Jupiter. Siblings-in-law From ascendant, the 3rd House is the brother or sister of a native. If we calculate from the 7th House, the House of the spouse, the 3rd House is the 9th House that is analysed for the brother-in-law or sister-in-law. A malefic planet such as Rahu or Mars in the 9th House would represent a quarrelsome relation with the siblings of the spouse. Friendly planets such as Moon, Venus, or Jupiter would bring a friendly and mutual relationship with the spouse’s siblings. If the House Lords are in a weak House from the individual’s Lagna, then a. The native and in-laws may have a troubled relationship. b. In-laws may create troubles in the native’s life. c. The native would create troubles in In-laws’ life. If the 3rd House Lord occupies the weak 8th House for the native, the native might have an odd relationship with his father-in-law. Otherwise, the father-in-law may face difficulties in his career or personal life. Thus, Kundali Matching helps to predict even the in-laws’ relationships.

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