July 19, 2024
CureMD Software
CureMD EMR is an ONC-certified cloud-based EHR that delivers a complete set of clinical, administrative and financial tools. It also has a robust app that can be used by mobile healthcare practitioners on the go. CureMD EMR enables Precision medicine, an innovative way to customize care. This solution helps healthcare providers connect with patients, payers, labs and other stakeholders instantly to deliver better healthcare.

Easy to use

CureMD EMR is a cloud-based, user-friendly and comprehensive software that helps you to manage your medical records. It also includes a patient portal for convenient access to information and services. This system is designed with all users in mind, including patients, doctors and medical staff. It has a low learning curve and is easy to use with minimal training. It is a fully featured EHR that supports a variety of specialties and practice styles, from oncologists to allergy specialists. It allows you to customize the tools you need for your specialty and practice style. It reduces administrative tasks by integrating workflow, scheduling and billing into one centralized platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It also provides an easy way to communicate with patients through a smart messenger on their behalf.

Easy to train

CureMD EMR is an easy-to-integrate software solution that can help your healthcare facility save time and money. It handles a variety of tasks, from appointment scheduling and patient documentation to billing and payment. It’s also suitable for a variety of healthcare organizations and specialities. Its minimum upfront subscription package includes professional hosting, security and support services. Unlike other systems, CureMD EMR integrates directly with existing systems, which reduces training costs. Its seamless integration with labs, pharmacies and PACS makes it a great option for those seeking a comprehensive EMR system. In addition, its customizable charting helps streamline processes and maximize efficiency. It also offers a patient portal to make it convenient for patients to request appointments and refills.

Easy to customize

CureMD EMR is easily customizable to your practice needs, so you can integrate it into existing systems and maximize efficiency. Its intuitive charting software adapts to your unique preferences and practice style, so you can complete documentation quickly and efficiently. CureMD Medical Recording is also easy to integrate into the billing system, ensuring seamless data exchange and increasing reimbursements. It includes a comprehensive set of medical history, document management, and electronic billing templates to facilitate bill submissions and improve workflow. CureMD is a certified cloud-based EHR, practice management, patient portal and revenue cycle management system that helps physicians and office staff manage their practices. It also helps practices adopt Meaningful Use – driving subsidy payments that maximize profit.

Easy to integrate

Whether you’re replacing an existing system or integrating into a new one, CureMD EMR is easy to integrate into your current systems. It has a robust infrastructure that will help you streamline your workflow and maintain data integrity. EMR integration enables the seamless exchange of information across platforms, systems and organizations to drive greater collaboration, productivity and patient safety. It also ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices to maximize value and returns. The CureMD SMART Cloud platform includes a Certified EHR, Practice Management and Patient Portal Services, all of which have been designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations of any size. It is ONC 2015 Edition compliant and MIPS, Meaningful Use Stage 2 & 3 ready. In addition to standard EHR features, CureMD supports interface with Ophthalmic diagnostic tools to allow for direct upload of digital images and test results. This improves clinical and back-office workflows, while lowering costs by eliminating manual document delivery.

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