June 13, 2024
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Summer, the season of joy, not only brings sunshine and pleasure but also carries a higher risk of pest infestation. The reason is that it provides them with ideal conditions to reproduce and increase their numbers. It is not only irritating and dangerous for you and your loved one’s health or safety but also a threat to your property and valet.  From health risks to property damage and short circuits to unpleasant smells, pests cause a lot of trouble to you and your living or working place. Competing with them manually is quite hectic and unsafe because most summer pests, such as wasps, are aggressive and can attack you. Therefore, hiring the services of a pest control company in Surrey is the best solution to get rid of them permanently.  Various pest control companies are providing their service worldwide. However, not all services are credible or offer the right type of services you need. Therefore, selecting the right kind of services which can perfectly suit your needs, location, and budget is crucial to send away these nasty creatures safely and permanently.

Measures Against Common Summer Pests 

Summer pests, including ants, flies, wasps, spiders, and bed bugs, may look harmless but are pretty dangerous. They carry pathogens that can easily communicate and spread life-threatening diseases such as Malaria, Asthma, and Dengue. Therefore, immediate measures are crucial to prevent their entrance into your home.  Some effective tips or measures that can help you to keep your home or workplace are listed below. 

Inspection and Blocking Entrance 

Pests are very sharp creatures and can easily manage to get entrance to your home, even through tiny pores and crevices. Therefore, the very first measure that you can take to prevent pest infestation is to spot all the possible entrance points and block them perfectly. Common entrance points for pests may include broken doors or windows, holes, crevices, pet doors, and under-door spaces. Indoor plants and pets can also carry different kinds of pests. You can use sealing tape to cover loose door frames, under door spaces, and fix broken mirrors. 

Make Your Home Inhospitable 

Food, shelter, and water resources are the major welcoming signs for pests, including rodents and insects. Poor hygienic measures and skipping cleaning can provide pests with plenty of all these resources. Therefore, making your home inhospitable is also an effective tip to keep pests away.  Adopting good hygiene practices, regular cleaning, destroying garbage safely, and periodic decluttering can help you to achieve this task perfectly. 

Take Care of Your Garden

The garden is one of the most beautiful parts of your home. Ignoring its need for regular care and maintenance not only destroys its beauty but also transforms it into a pests hub. Therefore, regular trimming, cleaning, and spraying is also effective tip to keep your place pests-free. 

Remove Water Bodies and Fix Pipe Leakage 

Stagnant water and poor draining systems are also the major sources of pest infestation. It provides them with moisture to reproduce and rapidly increase their numbers. Therefore, removing water bodies, keeping your home dry, and fixing broken or leaking pipes are crucial to avoid pest infestation.  You can perform this task manually or call professional plumbers. It will cost a bit to hire but provide you with excellent results. 

Hire One of the Best Pest Control Companies

Though all the above-mentioned tips are easy to perform and quite effective, hiring pest control companies is an ideal choice to deal with this matter. The reason is that pest control companies have professional and skilled teams equipped with advanced tools.  They provide professional assistance and effective tips to control pest infestation and repair damages. It not only saves you time and money but also reduces your stress. 


Removing pests is a challenging, Time, and money-consuming task. Therefore, taking measures to keep these nasty creatures away from your place is a better decision. You can use the tips mentioned above, which are pretty effective and simple, to say no to pest infestation.  You can also consult one of the most credible pest control companies for more authentic knowledge, professional advice, and practical solutions to remove pests, nests, and eggs from every corner of your home.

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