June 19, 2024
Car Care Products
Professional strength, eco friendly, and Made in USA Ultima products clean, polish, protect and restore, with each product boosted with PolyCharger for added resilience. They are the ultimate “time-tested” waterless car wash, detailing, and Nano ceramic quartz protective products. Also available are a full range of odour eliminating, bacteria sanitizing and deodorizing products.

Clean and Shine

Keep your vehicle looking sparkling clean inside and out with these premium car care products. These products can be used to remove stains, shine plastic and leather, and clean wheels and windows. Some of these car cleaners are designed for specific materials, so you should use them carefully to prevent damaging the surface. Whether you want to make your vehicle look brand new or just want it to sparkle a bit, these products can help. They can also be used to protect a fresh coat of wax or sealant. You can purchase these products individually or in kits, such as the Chemical Guys 16-Piece Arsenal Building Car Kit. This kit includes 16 top-quality car cleaning products for your interior and exterior. It includes everything from a detailing bucket to foam cannon, flagged trip wheel and rim brush to cyclone dirt trap and anti-scratch wash mitt. This kit is perfect for someone who wants to take the guesswork out of ordering and purchasing car washing and detailer products.

Protect and Prevent

Protect and prevent car damage with Armor All’s market leading line of vinyl, rubber and plastic protection products. Regular use of these car care products will keep your vehicle’s surfaces looking great and guard against UV damage that can cause fading and discoloration. Many of these car care products are safe for most automotive surfaces but always test any product on an inconspicuous area before using it on your vehicle. Protect your tyres with our MICHEL Puncture Repair Prevention Tyre Sealant that seeks out and quickly seals punctures within 6mm of the leaking surface. Prevent brake fade and squeal with our premium Aerosol Brake Cleaner Spray. Our engine oils and lubricants protect and prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine and other vital components.

Clean and Deodorize

Ensure that you can keep that new car smell for as long as possible with regular cleaning. Disinfect high-touch surfaces like the steering wheel and door panels to reduce germs and odors in your vehicle. Use a specialized car cleaner that is safe to use on most surfaces. Avoid bleach, peroxide and other household cleaners that can damage the interior of your vehicle. Instead, try something that will actually kill the virus – for example, rubbing alcohol at 70% or higher works well. You can find this at your local grocery, drug or hardware store and it should be used according to product instructions. To clean your car, consider purchasing microfiber towels that are gentle on surfaces. These are available at most auto parts stores and are also suitable for washing your windows. They are much more durable than paper towels and they come with a silk band to prevent scratches on surfaces. This prevents them from leaving marks or streaks on the paint or window glass.

Keep Your Vehicle Fresh

The products and accessories we carry help you keep your vehicles clean, fresh and odor-free. Our car wash brushes, microfiber towels, drum spigots, and water repellents will make it easy for you to give every vehicle in your fleet a professional finish and shine. Ultima professional strength products are designed and concentrated for individuals who demand the ultimate results in a fraction of the time. Ecofriendly, made in the USA and boosted with PolyCharger(r), they deliver a superior finish that will last a season. MICHEL Puncture Repair Prevention Tyre Sealant quickly seeks out and effectively seals most normal punctures or slow leaks in tyres. Regular use will prevent punctures and save on costly repairs.

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