June 21, 2024
Excel Courses Online..
Excel courses online offer live, interactive, instructor-led classes with our world-class instructors guiding you every step of the way. All our courses are like in-house training. We can also arrange training virtually. Our training instructors have over 20 years of experience providing training for clients around the world. Many public lectures are organized in Perth. Face-to-face interstate and national training is successful but can be delivered using online platforms. We have trained people from these leading groups and others   

Excel And Power BI Lessons Plan: 

We have some Excel courses online and Power BI tutorial tips for you here. Contact us or send us an email to discuss your needs. Why in-house study? Important: we may combine your files/data in the process to make it more relevant 


schedule lessons at your best time. Reduce your training costs by 50%. Our day package cuts your training costs in half, compared to sending people in the same public way.

Group Size: 

10 people maximum (we will limit classes to 10, allowing participants to spend all their time) 

Larger Groups: 

For larger groups, please contact us to discuss significant discounts and additional class admissions. 

Benefits Of Training:

  • Financial Training Institute for the Mining, Oil and Gas Sector 
  • Learn from financial experts with international experience 
  • Get “hands-on” training through exercises and real-world applications.
  • We are happy to arrange an in-house study to suit your needs 
  • Many studies can be divided into half days 

D6 Essential BI:

All the key features you need to know to start creating Power BI reports for your business. Create great social stories and share amazing insights! BI capabilities empower Excel users to extract data from multiple sources, connect it, perform calculations and create powerful visualizations. 

DAX Booster:

This hands-on intermediate to advanced level course focuses on improving your understanding of the incredible power of DAX. Gain an understanding of the basics of the DAX language, as well as a good understanding of the basics of data modeling. 

Power Quiz Upgrade:

Intermediate to advanced training focused on improving your understanding of the amazing power of power questions in the “I” language. Gain a solid understanding of dynamic query performance, the “I” language, and how to manage complex data transformations. All of our courses are taught by highly experienced instructors who provide ongoing advice to clients and have experience in accounting, finance and business.  Personalized advice on Excel, Power BI and financial models to meet your needs. Making small changes to the way you use Excel and Power BI or approach revenue generation can dramatically improve your productivity and the quality, reliability and visibility of your data. – produced. Still, most people don’t have time to attend formal training sessions, and classroom training is often a trap. A well-designed solution that many customers are currently choosing is Excel and Power BI Mentoring. 

How it Works:

We come to your office and advise one person to train you in person (Perth) or over the phone (elsewhere). It covers all aspects of Excel, Power BI or any financial model you need, we help you solve the problems you have with your own files. The recommended length of time is 4 or 8 hours and most clients bring us in every 1-2 weeks to ensure continuity…but this varies depending on your needs. You can have them more or less frequently… it’s up to you. It is perfect for individuals and places:  Your time is precious, you don’t have much flexibility to go back to back training days, and you need to make the most of every hour. You need to be efficient, productive and do more with less. The Value of Leadership    The guide comes in an easy-to-digest format with gaps in between so you can practice what you learn. This maximizes the value of each session. If it’s a good fit, we’re happy for you to include one or two other users in the session to share the benefits and increase the profits. Low investment giving advice is very expensive and choose how much time you want. 

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