June 13, 2024

About GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Also Known as GBWhatsApp(GBWA) is a Modified Version of the Original WhatsApp Messenger With lots of Exciting Features. Along with That, it fulfills all the needs for Good Conversations. This is the Most Popular and Number One WhatsApp MOD Version with over 500 Million Downloads. It Comes with Bullet Proof Like Privacy Options, Strong Security for Private usage, and Limitless Customization With Fonts, Colors, Themes, Wallpapers, etc. gb whatsapp pro v16.20 is a Must have Application for every Techy or geek Person. Talking About Its Popularity! Honestly, WhatsApp is not a Complete Application There are lots of Things that are Missing. Not having Enough Privacy Options, Nore has the Freedom to make the conversation Stylish. So That an alternative must be needed for People. In that case, GB WhatsApp Came as a savior. It has every basic Function and Features that a Chat Application necessity. However, GB WhatsApp is the Best Chatting App ever made. About GBWhatsApp: This is a website where we Upload the Latest Version of the GBWhatsApp APK File. Besides we provide information related to the Application, How to use GB WhatsApp, What’re new Features, and many more things. Remember That we are not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc, nor the GBWhatsApp Developer. Our main motive for this website is to provide knowledge and help people to get their desired searches.

History of GBWhatsApp

Talking About its History, in late 2016 Facebook Company(Present Name Meta) Released All The Core Files of WhatsApp Messenger as Open Source. That means Now anyone can use those Codes to Create another Chatting Application like WhatsApp. Atnfas_hoak also known as Omer an Arab Based Android Developer who uses those Codes and Builds a Chatting Application that is Directly Connected with WhatsApp’s Original Database. He Made this App for Funn, But the Interesting Thing is it has more features Than the Original WhatsApp. People Start using it and within a year it gains huge Popularity with over 100k Users. That Clone WhatsApp App is None other than GB WhatsApp. Everything is Going Fine! Umar Continuously Updating gb whatsapp app download with New features and People Shifting from Original WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. In 2017 WhatsApp Announced that they are discontinuing the Open Source of WhatsApp messenger and Also Said to Stop Cloning Mod versions. Later in 2019, Umar Tweeted that He is Stop developing GB WhatsApp because of Facebook Companies Deep Pressure. Now GB WhatsApp is Totattly Closed, But Thanks to the Android Developer Community. After a Few Months New Other Developers Like HeyMODs & AlexMods, launched Another GBWhastApp. Now Not only One WhatsApp Mod, but there are also many WhatsApp Mods from Many developers. FMWhastApp from Fouad Modak, YOWhastApp from Yousef Al Basha, GBWhastApp Pro from Alex, and Many More. Among those WhatsApp Mod ‘GB WhastApp Pro’ is the best because it is almost Similar to the Original GB WahstApp of Umar.

Gbwhatsapp App Apk Download

Now a guy named Omar has posted many mods on his site gbwhatsapp.ltd and all those applications are working superbly. At the same place with this mod of WhatsApp, you can install dual WhatsApp on your Android device. Means one is original WhatsApp and the other one is GBWhatsApp. You won’t get any ban issues, and you can run this WhatsApp easily by installing the same way you install any Android application. Also, have a look at the best youtube video downloader which is ogyoutube app, you can try it out on your Android Device. Along with this you can download and install thousands of themes available on GBWhatsApp plus download and at the same time, you can also create your own theme and run on your WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp APK Features

Hide Contact and Group Chats You may quickly conceal the conversations of your contacts and groups with this application. You can conceal your group or contact conversations on this application if you have problems where you don’t want other people to view them. Your Last Seen in Freeze By using the option to “freeze last seen,” you may use this application to permanently freeze your last seen. For instance, if you set your last seen to be frozen at 2:30 AM, that time will always be displayed to your contacts, whether you are online or not. Turn on the option to “freeze last seen” if you don’t want anyone to see you online. Hide the status of the recording and typing Also, when you are conversing with people, this application lets you hide your recording and typing activity. This will keep the person with whom you are conversing perplexed and interested. Hide the double and blue ticks After viewing messages, you may also choose to conceal your delivered double tick and blue tick. You are all aware that when you send a message on WhatsApp, it displays three ticks: a single tick sent, a double tick delivered, and a blue tick (message seen). With this version, you can effortlessly conceal double ticks and blue ticks when conversing with others Blue Ticks Appear After the Reply Also, this application enables you to display the blue ticks from when you responded to a message rather than when you first viewed it. Your contacts won’t pester you to respond quickly thanks to this wonderful feature. Messages and Status with Anti-Delete This fantastic feature makes it simple to view deleted messages and statuses. You have a second chance to view the deleted messages and status using this application. If you use GBWhatsApp, you shouldn’t be concerned at all if you are chatting with your friends and family and they erase the message on both ends. This application allows you to view these texts clearly without any difficulties. More than 4,000 themes You have access to the vast world of themes with this version of WhatsApp. You can select one of the 4000+ themes in this application that are your favorites. Chats for export In this application, you have the option to share your discussions with everyone. because you may share the chats with anybody you want using this application. This conversation may be recorded and shared with your contacts as a file. Fantastic Results You may obtain incredible effects for your photos and videos with this application. Before emailing them to your contacts, you can apply these effects. This is a fantastic tool since it makes it simple to adjust the effects on your photos and videos if you don’t like them. Voice Modifier You can voice messages in at least 10 different languages with this application. They include the Deep voice, Baby voice, Teen voice, Robot voice, Funny voice, Deep voice, Underwater voice, Quick voice, Reverse voice, and Drunk voice. Making Up Your Own Theme You have the opportunity to develop your own theme utilizing the tools provided by this application. If you don’t like the themes that are offered to you in the version, you may build one that suits your tastes. Mass Sender This application enables you to send a message to all of your friends with one click if you are planning a prank with your buddies. The bulk sender function of this software allows you to send a message to a large number of contacts at once.

Pros and Cons of GBWhatsApp

There are many pros and cons of using download gb whatsapp on your phone. Some of them are listed below. So let’s have a look at it from below. Pros Anti-Delete Message/Status means when someone accidentally sends you a message, they remove it. It will stay in your phone. Enable Airplane/DND mode will let you use your phone without being disturbed by WhatsApp messages. Custom themes will give you a fresh look at this app. You can share more images with one click. The forwarded tag will not show when you forward messages. Cons Can not backup data to Google Drive. Not an official version, so might be a risk of security.

Final Words

So this was all about GBWhatsApp. This app is not available for iPhones at the movement. If you are facing any issues while downloading it, simply drop a comment below. This was the article about GBWhatsApp and you can easily download and install GBWhatsApp by following this tutorial. You can download the latest Whatsapp MOD Apks from This Latest Mod Apks Blog. I hope you like it. Enjoy the privacy and thank you for visiting keep visiting for more tips and tricks and as always peace out!

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