June 16, 2024
lamar van dusen
Lamar Van Dusen says that a small business is any business with fewer than 500 people. The businesses represent a major portion of the United States economy, with more than half of the country’s workforce employee in smaller businesses. Small businesses can range from sole proprietorships, such as single-person consulting services, to larger companies that employ hundreds of people. Starting a small business can be an exciting and challenging process. It requires hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the legal, accounting, and financial aspects of launching and operating a business. Lamar Van Dusen is a small business expert based in Canada. He is passionate about helping small business owners build networks for their businesses success. He believes Small businesses benefit the economy and their communities. They create jobs, bring in new customers, and help boost the local economy. Small businesses can often offer products and services that larger businesses cannot, making them an important part of the marketplace.

The vision of Small Businesses;

The employees want to know that their leaders are focus on the future and the current issues. As per Lamar Van Dusen, Vision is essential in keeping companies on track. Leaders with an eye for detail can aid in the direction of their company. Many business leaders are overwhelmed by today’s demands and need more time to develop their vision. It leaves employees and the company feeling fulfilled. A shared vision gives small businesses a competitive advantage. Many critics say a vision is unnecessary for a small company’s success. Visionaries are focused on opportunities for the future and not the present limitations. Vision refers to the ability to transcend physical limitations inherent to the natural realm. While other companies are engaged in trivial issues that are unimportant to small businesses. A successful leader must inspire his employees by sharing a common vision and meeting their life-long needs.

Core Functions of Small Businesses;

Lamar Van Dusen says that leaders must define their core skills with employees during rapid changes. In times of change, the organization must remain true to its primary tasks. In contrast, big companies try to compete by rapidly expanding their reach in the market, thus being “all things to all people.” The employees need clarification as inconsistencies and uncertainty are present. The companies are performing actions that are not considered an element of their core competencies. It can be a great recipe for failure. To keep up with the competition in the world, many companies reduce or change their processes; however, they lose their core competencies in the marketplace. Re-engineering that removes work and improves processes is advantageous because it’s directed towards business goals such as the satisfaction of customers or total quality initiatives. The importance of the core competencies can be a competitive advantage for every business. Understanding small businesses’ fundamental competencies is a crucial aspect of organizational growth. Leaders are then the tools to make sure that employees have confidence.

Strategic Thinking by Lamar Van Dusen;

Employees want to know their managers are assessing the competitive landscape and the market. Many businesses participate in some form of planning. However, only a few businesses are engaged strategically. It is an advantage for small-sized businesses. Strategic thinking goes beyond the meticulous planning of a business.

Strategic thinking comprises two elements:

They understand the present as well as anticipation what is to come shortly. Strategic strategists in organizations refer to this duality as. Businesses that are successful use this concept regularly. Most small companies are worried about the customers of today’s or future contracts but don’t think about their future consequences. A few traits of a successful strategic approach are focusing on the most important questions, retaining an eye on the future, recognizing the consequences, and being flexible. Vision and strategic planning are in sync, as proper planning is the foundational framework and reasoning to determine the direction of an organization and address daily challenges. Successful organizations move beyond the rigors of detailed planning and enter an approach to strategic thinking.

Connection with Employees;

Effective leaders in the workplace recognize the importance of establishing a connection with a diverse workforce. Organizations often boast about the benefits of new technology, but employees are marginalized when criticize.                  Leaders should view their followers as more than mere mechanical components to achieve their goals. Despite the global pressures and competition in front of the line, small-scale businesses can achieve impressive performance by utilizing the correct method. The 21st century brings an exciting, modern environment of challenges to personnel, like virtual organizations outsourcing, outsourcing, and the financial strains of shrinking budgets for several federal agencies.


Small-scale business leaders can utilize these crucial factors, which include vision, core competencies and goals, strategic thinking, and a connection with their employees. Lamar Van Dusen, This creates an opportunity for small companies to compete with larger companies, increasing their chance of success. These strategies provide an effective, practical method to begin, develop and maintain a profitable small-scale business.

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