June 16, 2024
Draw Abs
How to Draw Abs. The human body comprises many different muscles, bones, and other parts, and this complexity can make it difficult to depict in drawings. Also, check our elsa coloring page. Because we know the human body so well, we can spot an inconsistency from a mile away. Abs are no exception; learning how to draw them is as complicated as any other body part. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult, and you have the right guide to make it easier. At the end of this 6-step step-by-step guide to drawing abs, you can draw that muscle group easily!

How to Draw Abs

Step 1

When drawing any part of the human body, it’s best to make it easier to take it slow and break it down into smaller parts. We wanted to do that for you in this how-to-draw abs tutorial, so let’s get started! For now, we will be working on the neck and shoulder muscles. You can start by drawing two vertical lines for the neck. Then draw two more diagonal lines down from them to start the shoulders. Finally, we’ll finish this step by drawing a few lines from the base of the neck that extends across the bone structure. Once you’ve seen it in our reference image, you’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

A pair of lively abs would look odd, so let’s draw the rest of the chest. We’ll draw the chest muscles along with the first arm for this second part of drawing the abs. For the bibs, draw two curved lines that connect, as shown in the reference image. Then you can add two small curved lines near the base of each bib. Next, you can draw a rounded line for the left shoulder. Finally, finish by pulling your left arm down from your shoulder.

Step 3

We will add another arm in this step of our abs drawing guide. Before starting, use another curved line on the left arm for the forearm. Once that arm is done, we can drag the arm to the right. Like the last one, you can start with a curved line for the right shoulder. Next, we draw the arm muscles. As shown in our example, use a slightly wavy line to connect the arm to the pecs. Next, use a series of smaller curved lines down the right side of the arm to create muscle there. These three lines should be as isolated as the one line for the left side of the bicep. Finally, draw another wavy line along the bicep to complete this step.

Step 4

Now we can refine the outline of your abs drawing so we can draw the same abs in the next part. With a few lines starting outward and moving down, outline the waistline going down from the chest. Then draw a slightly rounded horizontal line for the beginning of the pants the person is wearing. After replicating this outline as it looks in the reference image, add a few smaller lines connecting the ribs on the right side. Then you are ready for the next part of drawing abs!

Step 5

We will draw the same abs for this fifth step of our tutorial on how to draw abs. Imagine your abs as eight separate muscles connected as you draw and follow the reference image. Then you can draw curved, rounded lines that connect to create each of those abs. Draw two lines from the base of your abs, and then draw a belly button. Then only the final details need to be added! We’ve added a few more detail lines throughout the drawing, and you can also add more detail. You could draw a head or more of the body for it! We can’t wait to see you finish the abs drawing.

Step 6

You’ve reached the final stage of drawing your abs, and now you can complete them with cool colors! Our reference image only showed one way to color your design. The best part is that your colors are entirely up to you! There are many different skin tones to customize this theme to your liking. Then you can choose what artistic media to use to get your desired colors. Watercolors and colored pencils can be great if you want a slightly softer tone for your drawing. Alternatively, you can opt for some colored markers or acrylic paints for lighter colors. Your Abs Drawing is Finished!

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