May 25, 2024
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Forklift license: how to get it, how to renew it and how much does it cost?

  • Driving forklifts requires the achievement of the exam and the course for qualification. A professional qualification capable of certifying the training of the operator who uses it.
  • But how do you get a forklift license, how much does it cost, and how long does the update last?

Forklift license: what are we talking about?

According to the State-Regions Agreement signed in 2012, they fall within the description of “forklift”, which requires authorization by the workers who use it: self-propelled lift trucks with driver on board, self-propelled telescopic boom trucks, self-propelled industrial trucks; “any wheeled vehicle designed to transport, tow, push, lift, stack or rack any type of load and operated by a seated operator”; Trolleys, lifters and self-propelled telescopic rotary elevators. For forklift rental in Houston Tx click here

What is a forklift license?

The forklift license is therefore nothing more than the professional qualification that an operator needs to operate any type of forklift. It is achieved at the end of a training course which includes a theoretical part and a practical test. The legislation also provides for who can provide the courses and summarizes the possible entities in:
  • Regions and provinces;
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Policies;
  • Inail and trade union associations;
  • Orders, professional colleagues;
  • Companies that deal with the distribution of these machines;

Trainers (including bodies, accredited to the reference region).

The training course is aimed at acquiring the techniques for using the equipment safely and is structured in modules with contents, duration, and checks identified within the State-Regions Agreement.

Forklift license course for Houston TX Region: 3 modules and 1 practical test

According to current legislation, the course must distribute both theoretical notions and practical skills. It is therefore not enough to manage the machinery in a safe manner, it is also necessary to acquire all the notions regarding the functions of the various types of forklifts. Generally, the training course is structured on the following modules (which can also be merged: Legal module, lasting 7 hours, which contains general information on regulations relating to hygiene, safety, and operator responsibility; Technical module, lasting 7 hours, which contains more specific study subjects such as mechanical components, control and safety devices and all the rules to be followed before using the equipment; Practical module, lasting 4 hours which consists of practical exercises on the forklift, including placing it on the road, planning the route, putting the trolley to rest, and also emergency maneuvers.

Forklift driver license renewal: how to do it in Houston TX?

  • Also according to the State-Regions Agreement, the license has a duration of 5 years, after which it must be renewed (before expiry) “subject to verification of suitability and participation in the refresher course”.
  • The refresher course, which usually lasts at least 4 hours, is useful for acquiring the procedures contained in the specific practical modules.
  • The institution that provides the course is required to keep the course file for 10 years, which contains the participant’s personal data, the certificate of eligibility, and the course register.

Forklift driver license: how much does it cost in Houston TX?

The cost of a forklift driver’s license usually varies according to the type of specialization. Generally, the cost fluctuates around 125 euros for self-propelled forklift trucks; 180 euros for telescopic trolleys; 200 euros for forklift trucks of all kinds. While refresher courses and courses to be carried out every 5 years have costs ranging from 65 to 85 euros.

Does the employer pay for the forklift driver course in Houston TX?

For all employees, the cost of the training course and refresher courses is paid by the company for which they are employed, unless otherwise agreed in the contract stage.    

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