May 30, 2024
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Forklift rental: how the long-term formula works

When work circumstances require it, it is necessary to expand the fleet of company vehicles. Forklift rental is the alternative to buying that we offer and offers several advantages, especially in its long-term rental formula.

What is long term rental?

The long-term rental of a forklift is a contract that offers the customer the opportunity to use new forklifts, avoiding having to bear the costs of purchasing them and without worries related to maintenance, coupons, checks and assistance. Unlike short-term rental (which is often used to make up for work peaks, machine downtime or particularly urgent situations), this formula allows you to be able to count on our forklifts for a period of 60 months. Upon expiry, the contract can also be extended or it is possible to switch to another model, according to the customer’s needs.

How long-term forklift rental works:

But how does the long-term forklift rental work and what does it include? Let’s make it clear: here is, in short, the journey on which we accompany our customers. After consulting and signing the contract, we deliver the chosen vehicle to the company. Waiting times can vary significantly depending on the model requested; we speed up operations as much as possible and, if the timing should expand, we provide a replacement machine pending delivery. This is because we know that time is money. With the full-service formula, the forklift is delivered with all the documentation and put into operation. Our contract includes scheduled maintenance as per the manufacturer’s manual, as well as all repairs (ordinary and extraordinary) required during working hours, including labor and spare parts. At Somet, we also always include tire replacement, as well as the safety checks required by current legislation: we leave nothing to chance, to guarantee the customer maximum peace of mind. For More post click here The formula does not include the replacement of the forks, the daily checks, in particular those on the batteries and their recharging: they are part of the customer’s daily tasks. The repair of damage from natural disasters, caused by improper use of the vehicle and by non-compliance with the rules or lack of checks, is excluded.

Forklift rental: A world of advantages in Houston TX:

There are many advantages to renting a forklift. In fact, the long-term formula guarantees:

Fixed costs

Long-term rental allows you to keep costs under control, benefiting from a fixed, convenient installment that can be planned over time; Taxation The fee is deductible as an operating cost; Forklift rental in Houston TX Click Hee Liquid assets No purchase obligation means conservation of capital, which can thus possibly be invested in other chapters; Safety Protection from unplanned costs is an important aspect of our full-service formula, which includes all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, labour, spare parts and tyres; Comfort We arrange with our staff for the collection of used items; Serenity The fulfillment of periodic checks and legal checks takes place without any concern on the part of the customer. We take care of everything; Wide choice Many forklifts available. The most advanced technologies and the most innovative models in the panorama of goods and material handling; Constant checks Mechanical parts and safety systems always monitored and efficient.  

When is forklift rental the ideal solution?

The long-term rental of a forklift is a solution suitable for various eventualities. When the need was to preserve company capital, for example. Another widespread case is that of organized shift work, in which the machines are significantly stressed due to continuous use. It is a situation in which the efficiency of the vehicle must be constantly monitored, in order to guarantee safety and productivity in the business context. Then there is a long series of cases that can arise at work. Some examples: a planned change in company logistics, a different type of goods to be stored, a development project or even the need to expand the fleet to manage more departments, both temporarily and permanently. There are many scenarios in which rental can be a valid ally, just as there are various versions of the vehicles available. As we have explained in another article, choosing the right forklift means evaluating many variables. Also in this case, our staff will be able to advise for a result that fully satisfies expectations.

Forklift rental cost: no surprises:

When we talk about a convenient and predictable fee, we are referring to a fixed and easy-to-manage amount, which includes all the ancillary costs deriving from the use of a work vehicle under normal circumstances. The cost of forklift rental varies according to the type and duration of the contract. There are many assessments to be made on the basis of the use that will be made of it. Our staff is able to offer the necessary expertise to identify the most suitable vehicle for the customer’s needs, in terms of both efficiency and cost.  

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