April 14, 2024

How to Set Up an Author’s Page on Amazon When Using a Pen Name

Amazon Marketing Services If you’re a self-published author, chances are you’ll be offering your books for sale on Amazon.com. Whether or not you currently have an account, there are a few things you should know about navigating Amazon’s Kindle platform most effectively as a published author, particularly if you choose to use one or more pen names. However, before we dive into the meat of the matter, let’s go over why and when you would want to use a pen name, how using one affects your publishing accounts, how to approach social media and other important considerations for using a pen name. Why and when to use a pen name? A “pen name” or pseudonym, is an assumed name that many writers choose to use instead of their real name. But why would anyone, especially you, want to do that? There are a gamut of reasons that many authors give for why they use a pen name at some point in their career. However, some of the most common are:
  • To safeguard their real identity.
  • To not be restricted by using their real name.
  • To distinguish between the different kinds of books they write.
These are all excellent reasons to decide on a pen name and then use it to set up your author account. How does using a pen name affect your publishing accounts? Once you make the decision to use a pen name instead of your actual name, there are a few restrictions you’ll have to deal with as a publisher on Amazon’s platform.
  • You can’t use your pen name to create verified reviews.
  • You can’t comment or use the discussion boards with the pen name.
  • You are restricted to using a single name in Amazon discussion groups.
This is because Amazon has strict rules that only allow accounts with verified payment methods to complete certain actions. This leaves you very limited in certain respects if you use one or more pen names.

Web Developments With the Latest Technologies

Web application development Entrepreneurs who wish to gain worldwide recognition for a particular brand or products can most preferably select website development services provided by web development firms. Under the field of these development services, different other solutions are also covered totally. It generally comprises planned development services, e-business, internet and intranet solution, portal solutions, web design and also customized website development services. Advanced web development solution Variety of services presented by a Website Developer are- · PHP Web Development solution · ASP.NET Development · CMS and Web Development · Development of Website Apps While creating a web app, the developers take into account the client’s necessity, server-side scripting, configuration of network security and also web server setting. In order to make the web page appear more interactive, Website Designers attempts to work on the perspective of the client. They work in an intimate connection with the customers, and it helps them to comprehend their target points, goals, business representation and aims. The exchange of opinion from the Web Developer and the client helps to create the apps accordingly. Know some tips before hiring one Regarding the web development solutions, it is indeed always suggested that the off-shore customers should buy the solutions in the form of wide-ranging package. There are a lot of website developments outsourcing businesses that provide qualitative services varying from simple static Website Design to the complex internet apps. Thus, while selecting any business, the clients must keep their criteria of selection very high. While hiring different services they must give some more concern to quality instead of quantity. Here are some vital points that should be remembered by the businessmen.

Comparing Traditional and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Utah Digital Marketing versus Traditional Marketing is one of the most heated new-age debates that we often come across. While on one hand, the tech heads give you the most obvious justification for fast-paced digitization as to why digital marketing clearly surpasses traditional marketing. Corporate Executives, on the other hand, functioning in conventions, would more obviously than not justify traditional marketing. Before we ponder on this debate further, let us first understand what essentially distinguishes the two.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing refers to the conventional methods of promoting a brand. This includes newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboards, brochures, hoardings, etc. Traditional marketing also includes network marketing. In its most basic sense, Traditional marketing refers to a structured effort on endorsing one’s brand but without any reliance on online methodologies. Traditional offline media are often the channels that brands incorporate when it comes to brand promotion.

The tools for Traditional Marketing are:

1.Print Marketing 2. Broadcast Marketing 3. Referral Marketing 4. Outdoor Marketing 5. Publication Marketing

Let us Look at a few examples of Traditional Marketing:

A. Vicks, a prominent brand in India came up with a campaign called Touch of Care. The ad film showcased a a daughter’s relationship with her transgender mother. This ad film that went viral because of how it truly the touched a chord with the sentimentality of the audience. B. Dove, around mid 2000s came up with the idea of giving away free samples with morning newspapers. This strategy truly helped the brand popularize itself. This brand strategy completely worked in the brand’s favour.

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