May 25, 2024
hiking boots

If you want to go on a vacation that will be both beneficial and inexpensive then you can think about giving it a shot at hiking. Hiking is one of the most beneficial among all outdoor activities. This is a big reason why every year many people can be seen taking breaks from their daily monotonous life and going for long hiking trips or camping trips to the best camping location around them.

Hiking or camping trips are mainly done during the summer months but some people also like to go on hikes during the rainy season and winter season. But may whatever the season it is, wearing proper hiking boots is absolutely mandatory while going on hikes. We all know walking on the grass, sand, or snow may feel good but it can very quickly turn very dangerous. Moreover, if you are planning to wear running shoes instead of wearing proper hiking then that can also turn very disastrous and dangerous. A running shoe can be perfect for casual morning jogs or runs around the park but it certainly isn’t perfect for hiking in rocky terrain. Some of the accidents that can be caused due to wearing the wrong shoes for hiking are listed below.

  • Foot arch pain – It doesn’t matter much if you are a seasoned hiker or an amateur, foot arch pains are something that is experienced by all campers. This type of pain can be caused due to wearing footwear that is not good enough to provide proper support to the heel or the overall feet. There have been real-life cases where hikers had to completely give up on their hiking hobby just because they couldn’t bear to live with the pain of foot arch. When you start wearing good quality hiking boots for your hikes, you’ll notice a remarkable difference in regards to any pain related to foot arch or any pain in general. This is possible because these high-quality boots have excellent arch support which provides the stability that you will need while traveling through mountainous trails.
  • Blisters – Hiking involves a lot of walking and sometimes jogging and not wearing proper shoes can cause a lot of problems in your feet and one such problem is blisters. Blisters are puss-filled pockets that form under the skin due to continuous friction against uncomfortable shoes. Wearing uncomfortable and ill-fitted shoes is the biggest reason behind the development of blisters in the feet hence it is extremely important for everyone to buy hiking boots NZ for womens or mens and wear them on their hiking or camping trips. These boots have the proper cushioning which prevents blisters from forming in the first place. Pro tip: you can also wear socks with your boots for your summer or winter hikes.
  • Sprain – Sprains are the most common type of injury when it comes to hiking. But preventing sprains is easy and all that you need to do is wear good quality boots that are ideal for hiking. These boots are sturdy and provide proper ankle support so that the feet don’t get twisted when you step on uneven ground. You can also use hiking poles as they offer additional stability and support.
  • Plantar fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition that involves thick band inflammation in the tissue that is present at the bottom of each foot and forms the connection between the heel bones and the toes. If you have gone on hikes you may have noticed consistent pain in your heel region every time you take a break, this pain can be the early stage of plantar fasciitis. This happens because hiking involves a lot of walking and that can result in over usage of fascia and irritate it. Hiking footwears have proper insoles in them that provide proper support to the heel and arch of your foot. Hence it is always best to go for good quality hiking boots NZ for womens and mens.

What are the best types of boots for hiking?

When you go shopping for hiking shoes it is extremely important to put emphasis on the material of the shoes. Here are some of the materials of boots that work best for hiking.

  • Mesh Boots – Mesh boots are perfect for hikers who like to go on hikes through trails with high-intensity inclines because they are lightweight and thus do not put a lot of pressure on the feet while climbing up. Moreover, mesh is a highly breathable material which is a big reason why many hikers like to opt for these boots for their summer or spring hikes.
  • Leather Boots – Leather boots are great for winter hikes, they are thick and sturdy and provide proper comfort and warmth to their feet during the cold months. Pro tip: remember to break into these shoe weeks before the hike because they are not quite breathable and can result in the formation of blisters.
  • Synthetic Boots – If you are looking for hiking boots to go on your first hike and don’t want to spend a lot on boots then synthetic boots can be a good option for you. These boots are made out of materials like polyester, nylon, and synthetic leather, though these boots are less durable than leather or mesh boots they are lightweight and easy to walk in.

Key takeaway

Hiking is an exciting but tough job and not wearing good-quality boots can add a new level of difficulty. Moreover, wearing the right kind of hiking boots NZ for womens and mens is extremely important to make the hiking experience fruitful as they will also help you in avoiding accidents like blisters, sprains, and many more.


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