April 15, 2024
Software Testing Course
Software testing course and tools help speed up your testing. When you’re testing manually, you’ll be repeating tasks over and over again. But when you repeat tests, they run while you take care of other things. That’s why it’s called test automation. This means you can run more tests in less time, which means you can test your code better. Test Automation automates API and UI testing so that developers and testers don’t have to focus too much on it. 

1. Selenium

It is a software testing course for automation platform for web applications. Selenium supports browser automation and multiple drivers, including support for multiple devices:
  • Windows Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
  • Firefox (Mozilla)
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (Apple)
The latest version is Selenium 3 which brings new features like parallel testing, better support for random browsers, etc. It also brings improvements to the existing API and improvements like the WebDriver#wait method that allows you to wait for an object to appear before interacting with it. Selenium is thus more powerful than before!

2. Cypress

Cypress is an advanced front-end automation software designed to make testing faster and more reliable than ever before. It’s built on top of the open source Selenium project, but unlike Selenium, Cypress works as a standalone program that doesn’t require a browser to run. Cypress works with any JavaScript or library, including React, Angular, Ember, jQuery, Vue and more. Cypress works with all popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. To read the Cypress vs Selenium comparison.

3. UFT

UFT is an automation software used for web and mobile applications. It can be used to test web applications and websites, as well as any other software application. It has a built-in object repository, which helps you create test objects that can be used in many projects.

4. Songwriter

Playwright is next-generation front-end automation software. It uses the power of JavaScript to create reliable and well-maintained tests in a simple and intuitive way. The player supports all browsers and platforms. A test writer can be used to create tests that simulate user interaction with the application being tested. These tests are written in a language called PlayScript, which is similar to JavaScript but has syntactic sugar specifically for writing UI tests. The player automatically detects the DOM elements on the page and allows you to manipulate them by typing simple commands in your PlayScript file. For example, if you want to click a button on the page, just type: click(‘#name_of_button’)

5. Ranorex

Ranorex is a new, easy-to-learn test automation software for web and desktop applications. Developers and testers can use Ranorex to create automated tests in a virtual environment that allows testers to focus on real test logic. Ranorex empowers you to create high-quality automated tests with minimal effort or programming skills as you would expect from a high-quality software product. Ranorex is not just another scanning method; it is an integrated solution that includes performance analysis and return analysis capabilities. With Ranorex, you can create powerful automated tests without writing code or learning a programming language, as it provides visual tools for users with no coding experience to create their own tests quickly and easily. 

6. SoapUI NG Pro

SoapUI NG Pro is a rich automation software that can be used to test web services, full service and other types of applications. It allows you to run any type of API, REST, or web service test with its built-in logging feature that records interactions between your application under test (AUT) and a web browser. With SoapUI NG Pro, you can automate mobile app testing by recording user behavior on mobile devices. You can also use it to create automated functional tests of Android or iOS apps, as well as hybrid apps powered by Cordova or Ionic. A unique example builder allows you to visually create test scripts from test scripts without scripts using data tables and step stops using drag and drop tools. files such as branch/head state, loop/loop statements, etc.  

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