June 22, 2024
People struggle hard to manage their day-to-day chores in their busy life. People expect support from apps that can minimize their work and keep them more comfortable. One such app that is very crucial for any individual is the laundry app. The on-demand laundry app has high potential in the market and its recorded growth has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to create an online laundry app and get more audience to earn better returns.

Why are on-demand laundry apps so popular?

Multiple reasons are behind the laundry app’s popularity. Consumers, laundromats, and also the admin of the laundry app all benefit. This is why the entire industry is getting a greater response from all ends.
  • Convenience – consumers find it more comfortable to use the laundry app. They can schedule the laundry pickup as per their availability. Laundromats can display a wide range of services and this will help them to get proper orders from consumers.
  • More safety – using a laundry app is safer for consumers and also for the laundromats. They can request pickup and without moving out they can get things done. Safety has become a crucial aspect, especially during this pandemic, and utilizing an online laundry app has helped consumers to be safer.
  • Promotes local laundromats – laundry app development services will let local laundromats join the platform and they all will get laundry orders through the platform. This will enhance the local laundromat business.
  • Effective pricing – as consumers will give different types of clothes for cleaning, you can set prices for each material type. This can be displayed when the consumer chooses the material type in the app. They will be notified about the pricing while requesting the order.
  • Hassle-free management – with traditional laundry services, consumers will receive others’ clothes by mistake and there will be more confusion in returning the items. But with an effective laundry app development, you can organize all orders and can reduce delivery confusion.
  • Better revenue – usually the laundromats will have minimum profit in their business. But starting an online laundry app will let the admin have multiple revenue sources that will generate a huge income for the admin.
  • Statistics and Analytics – this is very crucial for any business as it will let you analyze your business performance through several metrics. You can get various reports that will have details about your expenses, revenue generated, no. of orders, and many more.

How do the laundry app development services work?

  • The consumer will download the app on the device and will register and create an account for them.
  • The consumer will choose their service type and will enter other details like material, qty, detergent preferences, and many more.
  • He will set the pick-up time and will request laundry pick-up.
  • By choosing the convenient payment method, the consumer will pay the amount through the app.
  • The driver receives the order and he can decide either to accept or reject the order.
  • After accepting the order, the driver will pick up the order as per the schedule and will hand over the item to the laundromat.
  • Once the cleaning process is over, the laundromat will notify the consumer as well as the driver.
  • The driver will collect the processed order and will deliver it to the consumer.

Get your laundry app development with Appkodes

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On-demand laundry app development – Step-by-Step process

So far, we have understood the scope and potential of the online laundry business. We are also clear about how the entire process is carried out. Now, it is time to learn to create an online laundry app and start your laundry business.

Step #1 – Planning

If you are planning to create an online laundry app then the first thing you need to do is proper planning. You need to understand the purpose of building the app. You should study more about your competitors in this field. Be clear about what functionalities and features you want to integrate with your laundry app.

Step #2 – Find a development partner

Building an app needs more technical knowledge and experience in that industry. You need to find an experienced and reliable laundry app development company. Check their technical team and their skills. Ask for samples and check customer reviews. Make sure the company offers a free demo of the product before you purchase them.

Step #3 – Development and Testing

Once you choose your laundry app development company, you can share all your requirements with the team and they will start the development process. The entire process will be divided into several sprints. Each stage will have a testing process to fix bugs and errors. You will be shown demos periodically. If any corrections are needed you can give your feedback, then and there, and do the modifications.

Step #4 – Deployment

When everything is set to final, the last process will be the deployment of the laundry app development. You need to find a perfect hosting partner who can support you in the deployment process and will let you go online and reach your customers. Multiple hosting service providers are available in the market. Check the tariff and features they offer and choose the best plan for your laundry app.

Step #5 – Marketing and promotion

This is the main and very essential phase of your laundry app development solution. Building an app alone will not get you business. You need to reach your audience through proper channels. Make use of all social media platforms and run campaigns where your target audience is available. This will give you brand recognition and your platform will start getting visitors which will then be converted to customers.

Essential features to be considered in on-demand laundry app development

Features need more attention during the development process. The success rate of your laundry app will be determined by its features. One thing you need to understand is for your laundry business you may need to have three apps and a separate admin panel
  • Customer app
  • Laundromat app
  • Driver app
Let us categorize features according to the above-mentioned user type and this will help you to have a seamless business operation.

On-demand laundry app development – Customer features

Easy registration

Customers should be allowed to sign in with their social media credentials that will not need to enter their full details separately.

Advanced search and filter

This will let customers easily sort out their requirements from the app. They can filter the service they want to have in specific. Find the nearby laundromat with the best pricing.

Schedule pick-up and delivery

Customers should be able to set the scheduled time as per their convenience and availability. Likewise, when the cleaning process is over and they are notified, they should be able to set the delivery time too.

Track driver

Customers need to track their drivers in real time. This will help them to plan their availability and can know the status of their pick-up and delivery through the app.

Order history

Customers should have an account where they can check their previous order histories and transaction details.

Multiple payment options

The laundry app should offer multiple payment options like credit and debit card payments, UPI payments, and many more.

Ratings and reviews

Customers always expect this feature in any laundry app. They would like to share their feedback about the service provided by the app and they would like to share this on their social pages.

On-demand laundry app development – Laundromat features

Account setting

The laundromat needs to set its profile with this image, contact details, pricing, and many more. The platform should let the laundromat set his profile and edit them whenever needed.

Order processing

The laundromat can either accept the order or even can reject them. If accepted then the ordering process needs to be carried effectively through the app

Track drivers

The laundromat needs to collect the order from the driver and once the cleaning process is completed the same needs to be delivered to the driver. Throughout this process, the laundromat needs to track drivers’ real-time location.

Manage earnings

The platform will collect the payment and will deduct the commission value and then will transfer the rest to the laundry owner. The owner should be able to manage all his earnings.

Ratings and reviews

The laundromat needs to know about his service and how customers feel the same. So, they should be able to read all reviews and ratings given by the customer.

Push notification

The laundromat needs to get a notification regarding each order request and also, and he needs to notify customers and the driver about the completion of the work.

On-demand laundry app development – Driver features

Easy login

Drivers need to register themselves with the platform with a simple registration process. The platform needs to authenticate their driving license during registration.

Order accept/reject

Drivers will get notifications regarding pick-up and delivery of orders. He can accept or reject any schedule and the platform needs to arrange for some other driver if anyone rejects the order.

Map integration

The driver’s app needs to be integrated with a map that will let them easily find out the customer’s place for pick-up and delivery. Also, he can optimize the route with the help of the map.

Track earnings

Drivers will get their commission for providing delivery service. The platform will set the commission price initially and the driver can withdraw the commission whenever needed and can manage his earnings.

On-demand laundry app development – Admin panel features

Manage users

The admin needs to handle all user groups like customers, laundromats, and drivers. He should be able to add or remove any user.

Order management

All orders need to be processed effectively without any hassle. Proper automation needs to be carried out and there should not be any interruption during the process.

Commission management

The admin needs to get a commission from laundromats and should pay a commission to drivers. Both processes should be automated through the app which will simplify the business operation of the admin.

Secured payment gateway

The platform needs to be integrated with multiple payment gateways by following all standard security protocols. By providing more payment options you can easily grab the attention of users.

Reports and analytics

The entire business is tracked and analyzed with the help of analytics and reporting features of the app. The admin should be able to get reports on different metrics and should be able to handle the performance of the app.

Reviews and ratings

The admin needs to know how well the laundromats and drivers are performing their business. If they fail to satisfy customers then the admin may lose his entire business. So to monitor their service quality, the admin needs to check all reviews and ratings given by customers.

What is the laundry app development cost?

This is very difficult to answer as the development process carries different tasks. Also, it varies according to the user’s requirements. Some may prefer to create an online laundry app from scratch and some may prefer to have a ready-to-launch laundry app clone from the app development company. Both differ in pricing and duration of the development. If you plan to build it from scratch then it may take months to complete and also pricing will be high. We would suggest this method for corporates and enterprises. But for startups and SMEs, we highly recommend going for a ready-to-use laundry app clone which comes with the best pricing and can deploy in a few days.

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