February 27, 2024
A image of Truck Dispatch Services in USA
Working with a trucking service company can be one of the best or worst decisions you can make. In this article, we discuss:
  • Can a truck dispatcher help your business?
  • How to choose the right sender
  • How do they compare to freight forwarders?
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What is a Truck Dispatcher? What are they doing?

A trucking service helps owners and operators handle many of the administrative aspects of running a trucking business. Some freight forwarders offer full services, handling everything from finding shipments to ensuring carriers pay their invoices on time. Other dispatchers specialize in specific services. Most shippers charge for their services in two ways. They charge a flat fee or a percentage of the load. Of course, the billing method is negotiable.

The dispatcher can provide the following services:

  1. LOAD: This is probably the most important service they offer, especially to new owners and operators just starting out who do not have a client list yet.
  2. Assign loads and manage drivers: Dispatch needs to know your drivers (if you have them), their routes, how long they have been home, and their availability. This knowledge helps match the load with the best resource you have to offer.
  3. Engine Driveline Compliance Maintenance: This service is essential to keep you on the road and doing what you do best – hauling loads.
  4. Management of air delays | Handling Problems: A good dispatcher can help you plan for and handle weather delays, traffic jams, and other issues that always crop up when you are on the road.
  5. Provide Customer Service – A shipper can help you manage shipper relationships, resolve issues that arise, and set appropriate service expectations.
  6. Paperwork Handling and Invoice Collection – A good dispatch service can also handle the paperwork associated with tonnage delivery and billing. This documentation may include all billing to the shipper (or factoring company), collection tracking, and payment processing.

Will they help your trucking business?

In short, the right truck dispatch services in USA can help you run a successful trucking business. They can be especially helpful for drivers making the transition from “corporate drivers” to owner-operators. One of the main reasons owners and operators fail in their first year is their inability to find loads when running a trucking business. Managing administrative tasks for motor carriers takes time. Keep in mind that only the right operator helps your operator. One mistake can bankrupt you in the blink of an eye. If you are considering using a casting service, keep the following in mind:
  1. Get Recommendations – Ask other carrier owners what service they use and recommend. This approach is the best way to find a service that meets your needs.
  2. Determine the services you need – Make a list of everything you need to do to run your trucking business successfully. Be detailed and include everything. Find out the things you can realistically do and the things you cannot (or cannot) do. Make sure the dispatch services you are considering meet all these requirements. Home

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