June 15, 2024
Your head must be spinning from all the tech talk, but you must get the job done. Even if you prefer one software over another based-on features rather than price, you can never be too sure which software to use. But to simplify your travel, we have compiled all the necessary information in one location. Below is a comparison of the features and prices of the CareLogics and CareCloud ehr.

What is Qualifacts CareLogics EHR Software?

Businesses that offer human and mental health services use an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system called CareLogic. Clinical recording, patient scheduling, billing, treatment planning, progress notes, e-prescribing, client and family portals, and reporting are capabilities included in the CareLogic EHR.

Qualifacts CareLogics EHR Features


Behavioral health practitioners may learn more about their clinical data through the analytics and reporting feature. The software produces reports on referral sources, treatment outcomes, and provider productivity. Providers can use the data to enhance their clinical practices and improve patients’ treatment.

In-Built Templates

The software provides a selection of clinical documentation formats for the use of behavioral health practitioners. The templates can be modified to meet the needs of certain providers and adhere to HIPAA regulations.

Appointment Scheduling

Using CareLogic’s EHR appointment scheduling tool, doctors can set up appointments for their patients fast. The user-friendly interface makes finding open time slots simple, and patient data is filled in.

Qualifacts CareLogics EHR Reviews

Positive Carelogic reviews from users who claim the program has helped them be more productive, save time, and deliver better patient care are abundant online. Users laud the product’s user-friendly UI and ability to improve clinical documentation.

Qualifacts CareLogics EHR Pricing

According to the number of users and doctors, Carelogic EHR prices change. In large medical facilities, the price might be anything from $10,000 and $100,000.

Qualifacts CareLogics EHR Demo

You can ask for more details and watch a demo of the CareLogic EHR software to determine whether it would be suitable for your company. A trial or free version of the app are not available. What is CareCloud EHR Software? All sizes of healthcare organizations use CareCloud Central to track, manage, and streamline administrative and financial processes. to properly manage workflows and accomplish time-consuming tasks on a daily basis in order to save time and money. As a result, there is an increase in daily traffic, higher patient satisfaction, and better care.

CareCloud EHR Features


Telehealth solutions are one of the services provided by the cloud-based healthcare technology company CareCloud. Its telehealth service allows patients and their doctors to speak remotely with one another using audio and video technology.

Health Analytics

provides pertinent financial, administrative, and clinical performance analytics to assist decision-makers. To ensure everyone is adhering to the Meaningful Use criteria, monitor staff productivity levels.

Command Center

To keep track of your performance throughout practice, use a scorecard. You may view trending indications and causes over time thanks to instant operational and financial data snapshots.

CareCloud EHR Pricing

Practises of varying sizes can scale across the clinic thanks to CareCloud EMR’s numerous subscription packages. It may assist both small and large practices equally with the help of its subscription alternatives. The CareCloud price plans are not made available to the general public.

CareCloud EHR Demo

You can arrange a demo to see how the CareCloud EHR works and find out more about the features it provides.

CareCloud EHR Reviews

based on 104 user evaluations from three reliable software review sources, with a 73% user satisfaction score.

CareLogics EHR Vs. CareCloud EHR Software—Final Thoughts

Just a few of the numerous features that CareLogic EHR’s comprehensive, cloud-based EHR system offers to help mental health practitioners include clinical record templates, therapy plans, and progress notes. The program operates on mobile devices and complies with HIPAA standards. As a result, if you’re looking for an EHR system for your mental health practice, CareLogic EHR is a fantastic option. This will depend on your particular needs and specifications for an EHR system. Appointment scheduling, computerized prescription management, and patient record management are all features of the CareCloud EHR. CareCloud offers three degrees of professional services, from advisory to rapid deployment. Customers can access a peer-to-peer online network of peers (providers, practice managers) through a customer education and training site, where they can share advice and ask questions. While you may think a piece of software has all the capabilities you need, the only way to know whether or not those features are the best fit for you is to try the demo version. Finding software that fully suits your demands is still difficult but not impossible. You should read as many comparisons and evaluations of the software as you can before making this important choice.  

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