June 15, 2024
We know that it is the digital age and technology has taken over almost all sectors of life, from transportation to media. But there are some things that haven’t changed even in this new age of technology, such as the use of physical business cards. We know it can appear a bit dated when you hand out someone your premium business cards, but trust us when we say this, it is an excellent way of creating an everlasting impression. You may find it difficult to believe the same when you think of these cards as an out-of-place object that doesn’t fit that well with the setup of today’s world. This is because with time we have turned into digitally-minded beings, used to the culture of forwarding messages and emails. This has resulted in making the idea of someone grabbing something out of their pocket just for us feel very surprising but it surely makes it very memorable. While giving the recipient of the card a chance to get some knowledge about the brand and providing them with the necessary details. Moreover, it is extremely easy to get your own business card all that you need to do is get in touch with a business card designing company. While most people go for the ones with pre-existing templates and just add their detail into it, we will recommend you get premium custom-printed plastic cards and personalize every detail about it. Personalizing your own card is definitely way better than using a pre-existing template. Here’s why.
  • It perfectly reflects the brand’s personality – If you are someone who has a touch of uniqueness to their brand but finds it difficult to think of a way to convey that to your potential clients or collaborators. Then customizing a business card with relations to your brand can be a great medium. You can easily show off the creative and unique side of your brand, use a color palette that goes well with your brand and make the card in a shape that is unique and different from others. For instance, if you have a coffee brand, get the card made in a shape of a coffee cup or coffee beans and use colors like light or dark brown.
  • Helps in standing out among others – Handing out business cards is not at all a new practice and has been done for decades at this point. That being said when you hand out someone a business card that is unique and customized just for you, it surely helps you in standing out among the crowd. Making a business card isn’t just about adding your contact detail or adding your name or your brand name, rather it is about making an excellent marketing and networking tool that will have some relation with your brand. Don’t make the same mistake as others, just get custom-printed plastic cards for your business.
  • Helps the recipient in creating a deeper connection – When your potential customer finds your business card unique and gets an insight into your brand they automatically creates a talking point for them to communicate with you and understand more about your brand. This just increases their chance of becoming your customer and makes them more likely to indulge in business with you. This ultimately results in creating a deeper relationship between them and your brand.
  • It has a sense of relatability with your brand – If you don’t want to invest a lot of time into designing your business card then you can surely go for one with a pre-existing template but that will not have the same sense of relatability to it. Moreover, when sometime later the recipient of your business card will come across it, the chances are they will not be able to remember details about your brand. But that’s not the same in the case of custom premium business cards as their uniqueness will help it keeping both you and your brand memorable.

Creative ways to Customize your Business Card

Creating a customized business card is easy, all that you need to do is add a few things that can be easily related to your brand. Here’s a list of suggestions that you can use when customizing your business cards.
  • Add your logo in a unique way. Most people just attach their brand logo in one corner of the card or just put them at the back. Think differently, maybe watermark it in a giant font on both sides of the card.
  • Play a bit with the color palette and font, and choose a color that goes well with the commodity you are selling or the service that you are providing. Moreover, you can also choose a color palette that is vibrant, that way it will make it easier for you to grab the recipient’s attention.
  • Choose a shape other than a rectangle or square. For instance, you can try round, hexagonal, or triangle custom-printed plastic cards.
  • Try to make it a bit more interactive, for that, you can incorporate a QR code into the card.
  • In case you are directly related to the brand (other than being the owner) or you are the face of the brand then you can also use your picture on the business card.

Key Findings

There is honestly no limit to creativity when you opt for customizing premium business cards for yourself, to be honest, the sky is the limit. Getting your business card made from a pre-existing template isn’t bad, but it kind of takes the sense of uniqueness and relatability away from the card. Somehow those business cards lack the ability to look and feel relatable with the brand and its owner. But that’s not the same in the case of a custom-made business card, there you get the ability to add everything that you feel like and design in the most relatable manner.

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