April 15, 2024
Speed Cube Timers
A speed cube timer is a tool used to track how quickly you solve Rubik’s cubes and other twisty puzzles. These tools help cubers develop muscle memory and increase their speeds. There are many different speed cube timers available on the market. Choosing the right one for you can be tricky.

The Speed Stacks Timer

Speed stacking (also known as cup stacking) is a sport where players compete to stack cups in specific sequences as quickly as possible. It’s a popular family activity and is also played at WCA (World Cubing Association) competitions. The newest iteration of the world-famous Speed Stacks Timer is the Gen 5 Pro Timer, which includes many new features to improve your game. For starters, the power and reset buttons have a new reinforced design that won’t wear out too quickly with long-term use. Another nice feature is the Tournament Display Pro, which plugs into the timer and shows your stackers’ time in large illuminated digits that are visible up to 100 feet away. The TD Pro will run for up to 32 hours of actual continuous use when using standard alkaline batteries, or even longer with premium lithium type batteries. Endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association as the official timing device for Sport Stacking, the StackMat Pro Timer is a detachable precision Competition Timer accurate to 0.001 with super sensitive touch pads.

The T-mark Speed Cube Timer

The T-mark Speed Cube Timer is a great option for cubers who want to track their progress and improve their solving times. It has sensitive sensors on either side for hand touch control and allows you to save your results. It has six anti-slip feet on the back and is powered by two AAA batteries. This speed cube timer is endorsed by the World Cube Association and is compatible with all styles and brands of Rubik’s cubes. It’s a good choice for those who want to compete in professional speedcubing competitions or practice their skills. The T-mark Speed Cube Timer has a unique design that makes it very easy to use, especially for beginners. It has two hand sensors on each side that detect the position of your palms to start and stop the timer. It has a data port that can send statistics to a speed stacks tournament display. It also has a power, reset, and save button that has reinforced designs that don’t wear off after long hours of use.

The StackMat Timer

Speed cube timers are an important part of a cuber’s training and are also used in competitions. They are a great way to simulate a competition environment at home and they will help you become familiar with the cube’s mechanics, as well as your own timing skills. The StackMat Timer is a simple, yet effective, tool that can be used to time your Rubix cube solves. It will work with any Rubix cube, including 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, megaminx, skewb, pyraminx, clock and more! The StackMat Pro Timer G5 has two operation modes: 4-Pad (for stacking) and 2-Pad (for speed cubing). It features a new reinforced design that won’t wear through with extended use. The RESET and POWER buttons have a hold-feature that prevents lost times when the timer is slammed. The TD cord plugs underneath the timer so it’s out of the way and doesn’t accidentally get unplugged.

The Qiyi Timer

The Qiyi Timer isn’t the biggest gizmo on your shelves but it does have a few impressive claims to fame. First and foremost is the aforementioned 3.5 mm port which makes the oh so cool timing device all the more exciting. In a pinch, this little squirt can be tucked away under your chin or in your back pocket. The aforementioned emule is the brainchild of Mr. Qiyi, a name synonymous with quality emule. The aforementioned oh so cool item can be found at your local hardware store. The best part? It’s FREE. The aforementioned entrant is a true standout from the getty tings and will have you giggling at your pudge in no time. The aforementioned oh so awesome item is a must have for any speed cuber in the making.

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