June 22, 2024
Tips To Keep Your Children Safe From Online Predator
According to statistics and reports by the federal bureau of Investigation, 500,000 people are considered a threat on a daily basis for kids who go online. They mainly target young minds through gaming sites, social media platforms, instant messenger chat apps, and other dating apps. It is indeed easy to target people through the digital platform as you are practically hidden behind the screen, and no one knows about your real identity. Unless you meet in person, there is no chance that you can check if they are real or not. Stealing other identities, fake accounts, and IDs to catch innocent minds are common ways online predators attack kids, especially teenagers. There are records of many adults disguised as teenagers just to be in their company and later target them. If you are looking for ways to save your kids from online attacks and sociopaths, the only way out for you is simple. Get a monitoring software as parental control, and you will enjoy its benefits for a long time. All the online activities and even offline activities of the kid can track and check with the help of the monitoring app. OgyMogy is one of the best apps for parental control features for its users. You can learn about the kid’s life, fields, interests, company, habits, etc. You can save them from online sexual exploitation as well by keeping them under the radar remotely.

Tips and Tools For Prevention From Online Predators:

Get your favorite app and choose the bundle that best fits into your desired box. In the case of the OgyMogy, you can know about the kid’s online life through their cellphone, desktops, laptop, mac book, or any other smart device. The OgyMogy app offers complete remote access to the user, and only you need physical access to the Target teen device at the time of installation.

Know About Their Dating Partner:

A suspicious dating partner can be the culprit of sexual exploitation for teenagers. At a young age, there is no clear sense of the line that must not be crossed in a relationship. Teenagers consider even weird demands as part of a romantic relationship, and it can backfire in many ways. Get the OgyMogy and know about the dating partner of your kid. With the Tinder monitoring app, you can know all about the potential dating partner of your teen and more. Most of the time, online predators are disguised as teenagers to catch their target. Please find out about them in case of any suspicions and warn your kid immediately.

Check Who They Are In Contact With Through Social Media :

Another major way to approach young kids for sexual exploitation is through social media. Even with so many privacy settings and security still have a long way to go when it comes to assuring the online safety of kids and teenagers. Get the OgyMogy app, which will notify you about all your kid’s online friends. Even information about followers and friends of the social IDs you don’t know exists recorded and reported to the parents immediately.

Regular Monitor the incoming and outgoing Call Records:

Listen to the calls with the call recording feature. You will know about the presence or bad intentions of potential online predators in your kid’s contacts. Monitor chat and Track any suspicious Sexual Talk Right Away: Parents can even listen to the audio files sent and received to the kid’s grades. Know if they are listening to or watching any sexual stuff. Get Notified about Sexting: Sexting is something today’s generation considers a normal thing. It is not normal, and the parent must guide the kids properly. Have remote access to the kids’ text box and know about bad habits like sexting or using found or coded language in the chat box.


OgyMogy offers different versions and you can use for all the popular operating systems and types of gadgets. Parents can track the presence of online predators in their kid’s life through the use of Android, Mac, or Windows versions. All information is saved on the online portal of the app. Users can access the portal at any given time from anywhere.    

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