April 15, 2024
Ayurvedic Massage Sydney

Ayurvedic Massage Sydney

Ayurvedic Massage Sydney provides a variety of external therapies to supplement lifestyle advice and medications in order to regain/maintain health. They have a multifaceted effect on a person’s well-being. Apart from the specialized outcomes, all Ayurvedic Massage Sydney are extremely relaxing and provide total wellness. Herbalized oils are used for treatments when using oil and are made by processing roughly 10-40, sometimes even 80 herbs in sesame oil or coconut oil. The oils are selected based on the individual’s body type and/or health conditions. Having 3-7 treatment sessions in a row or on a regular basis produces long-term results.

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Oil Massage (Abhyanga)

Abhyanga is a soothing massage technique that makes use of herbalized oil. The majority of herbal oils contain 10 to 20 herbs—some as many as 80-100—and are based on sesame oil or coconut oil. Depending on the plants and oils used, each oil has its own set of benefits. We will select the most appropriate herbal oil for you. Massage is mostly done with the palms and tips of the fingers. Abhyanga always begins with the head, which serves as the foundation of the body. Your stomach, soles, and back will then be massaged while you are resting on the massage table. The foot, front of the body, and face will then be massaged. For added benefit, cool cotton pads are placed on your eyes while reclining on your back. Following Abhyanga, you will sit in a chamber filled with scented steam for a session of steam therapy.

Ayurveda Marma Massage

An Ayurvedic herbalized oil massage that uses pressure and different strokes to treat marma/vital spots. Ayurvedic marma massage is a deep tissue massage in comparison to Abhyanga/Ayurveda oil massage. Herbalized pain oils, which are made by processing pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory herbs in sesame or coconut oil, are also used in Ayurvedic marma massage. Ayurvedic marma massage can help with muscle stiffness, neck pain, low back pain, muscle strain, and other conditions. Following Abhyanga, you will sit in a chamber filled with scented steam for a session of steam therapy.

Head Ayurvedic Massage Sydney (Champi)

Because the head is the foundation of the body, an oil massage with appropriate strokes to the head helps to relieve stress. Migraines, hair loss, stress, emotional imbalance, neck discomfort and stiffness, and overall wellness are all indicated by Ayurvedic head massage. A 30-minute massage of the head, neck, and shoulders is recommended.

Ayurvedic Foot Massage

The foot massage contains numerous marma (vital points) and pressure points. As a result, a 30-minute foot massage provides total body relaxation. Aside from foot health issues, foot massage is beneficial in diabetes, neuropathies, and sleeping disorders.

Steam Therapies

In this treatment, steam from herbal tea is directed to a room where you can sit. Instead, steam can be delivered to your body or specific areas through a pipe. Steam therapies increase circulation, dilate body channels, and open skin pores, allowing toxins to circulate and be eliminated. Sweating is a method of removing toxins from the body. Steam therapies are an essential component of Ayurvedic detox procedures. According to the herbs, herb-infused steam therapies have specific benefits. Steam is also highly recommended for aches and pains. You will be prepared for steam during a steam therapy session by applying oil or performing a brief massage with specific strokes. You will then sit in the steam room until you are hot and sweaty.

Griva Basti

This is a cervical deep tissue treatment. A pigeon well is made over the cervical region and filled with heated herbalized oil, similar to kati basti. Excellent for neck and arm neuropathies. Read more: Click

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