May 30, 2024
custom booth design
Chicago is home to some of the most innovative and creative exhibition stand builders in the world. From custom-made designs to modular systems, there are a variety of types of exhibition stands to choose from in Chicago. In this article, we will explore the different types of exhibition stands and how they are  the skilled craftsmen of Chicago. Types of Exhibition Stands

Custom-built stands

Custom-built exhibition stand builders Chicago are tailor-made to the client’s specific requirements. we stands are typically design to stand out from the competition, and they can be built to any size or shape. Custom exhibition stands are often us for high-end events or shows where the client wants to make a significant impact.

Modular stands

Modular exhibition booth are building from pre-fabricat components that can be assembl in various configurations. We stands are a cost-effective solution for clients who attend multiple events as they can be reconfigur to suit different event spaces. Exhition stands can be customis with graphics and branding, and they offer a great degree of flexibility.

Pop-up stands

Pop-up custom booth design are design to be easy to transport and set up quickly. These stands are typically made from lightweight materials and can be assembled by one or two people. Pop-up stands are an affordable option for clients who attend multiple events or have limited space for storage.

Portable stands

stands are similar to pop-up stands are even more lightweight and easy to transport. We stands can be carri  in a bag or case, making them ideal for clients who ne to travel frequently for events.

How Exhibition Stands Made in Chicago?


The first step in building an exhibition stand is the design process. Exhibition stand builders work closely with clients to understand their requirements and develop a design that will meet their needs. The design process includes creating 3D renderings and scale models to help clients visualise the final product.


Once the design has been approv, the exhibition stand builders will select the appropriate materials for the build. We choice of materials will depend on the type of stand being built, as well as the client’s budget and design requirements. Common materials used for exhibition stands include wood, metal, acrylic, and fabric.


The construction process begins with cutting and shaping the materials according to the design specifications. We exhibition stand builders will use a variety of tools and techniques to assemble the stand, including welding, carpentry, and digital fabrication. Attention to detail is crucial during this stage to ensure that the stand is structurally sound and meets the client’s requirements.


The stand has been build, graphics and branding can be add .  Stand builders in Chicago use the latest printing technologies to produce high-quality graphics that can be appli directly to the stand. Graphics can be added using a variety of techniques, including vinyl graphics, digital printing, and screen printing.


the exhibition stand is assembl on-site at the event venue. The exhibition stand builders will transport the stand to the venue and set it up according to the design specifications. Assembly typically takes a few hours, and the exhibition stand builders will ensure that the stand is install safely and securely.


Chicago is home to some of the most talented exhibition stand builders in the world, and they have the expertise and experience to create custom-built stands, modular systems, pop-up stands, and portable stands. The process of building an exhibition stand involves designing, selecting materials, construction, graphics, and assembly. Attention to detail is crucial throughout the process to ensure that the stand meets the client’s requirements and stands out from the competition. With the right exhibition stand, clients can make a significant impact at events and trade shows, and Chicago’s exhibition stand builders are the best in the business.

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