May 26, 2024
Utilize Hostbillo’s Russian VPS Server for High-Traffic Websites


There are multiple web hosting plans available in the market that delivers high-performance services to run a site scalably. Plans like shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting are the most popular ones that website user chooses to host their online businesses. However, the most preferable and recommended hosting plan is VPS, if any site has medium traffic that the shared server can not handle chooses a virtual hosting plan. Also, there are many web hosting providers in the Russian market but the one that we will talk about further in the guide is Hostbillo Hosting Solution. Hostbillo delivers affordable Russian VPS Server plans with high-grade hosting features. So, if you own a website that requires high-performing hosting resources then virtual private hosting is the perfect solution for them.

Hostbillo’s VPS Hosting Services in Russia

Hostbillo is a web hosting company that delivers hyper-scale and high-grade hosting facilities all around the world. The host believes in providing top-notch security measures to protect its client’s sites from any malicious activities and hackers. So, when you Buy Hostbillo’s Russian VPS Server Plan, you get unbeatable security features with high-grade dedicated resources facilities. Websites with these features will perform scalable and flexibility on the web, as well as for visitors. There are some more features that you get with the VPS Russia plan like- 6 core CPUs, 6 GB Ram, SSD storage, free SSL certificate, IPv4 address, 1Gbps shared port speed, etc. Let’s get further into the article and know how a virtual hosting plan helps website owners to run their sites scalably.

Reasons to Operate Your Website on Hostbillo’s Russia VPS Server

Reasons to Operate Your Website on Hostbillo’s Russia VPS Server In this section of the article, we will know the reasons why you should operate your high-performing website on Hostbillo’s VPS hosting servers in Russia.

SSH Root Access

If you want a scalable performance of your website then having complete root access to the web space gets really important. Due to this reason, Hostbillo provides SSH root access with its Russian VPS Hosting plans to have the whole web server’s control that is assigned to you. By having this, you can be the admin of the server that gets full control and make modifications as per your website demands. You can customize and configure the server settings as per your requirements. So, by having all these facilities you can make your website more scalable than hosting it on a shared server.

Network Speed(1Gbps)

Hostbillo delivers 1Gbps shared port speed with each VPS Server plan for Russian websites. Having a 1Gbps shared port means when you host a site on a virtual server, multiple users can access your site at the same time without affecting each other. 

Dedicated Resources

The resources that you get with a VPS Russia plan are totally dedicated to your website and only you can use them to host your site or any web application. It gets essential to host a site on a server that delivers dedicated resources facility because it will provide high performance to a site. Dedicated resources mean the features that you get with the plan are totally allocated to you only. Features like RAM, bandwidth, storage, etc. are dedicated to you and no other site can use the number of resources. And, with Hostbillo’s Cheap VPS Russia plan, you get enough resources to operate your high-performing website easily.

DDoS Protected VPS Server

DDoS protection is crucial when you own a high-traffic website as you don’t know when anyone can attack your server and ruin your business reputation. These attacks impact your site negatively and harm your site by sending fake requests to the server. This makes the server lag and when an actual user accesses your site they got stuck and eventually move to another website. This will not only increase the bounce rate but also damage your business reputation and you may see lots of revenue loss. For this reason, it is important to have a DDoS-protected VPS Server for a Russian Website. It protects your site from such attacks and enhances the security layer of the website and makes it unavailable to hacking by hackers.

SSL Certificate

SSL is one of the prominent features that every website should use. This keeps the data encrypted and safe from hackers. People also trust that website that adds these features to their site and shares their financial data with them. With Hostbillo’s Cheap Russian VPS Server, you get a free SSL certificate with a plan that lets you encrypt the user data and make it secure. There are lots of reasons why you need SSL/HTTP for your website and here they are-
  1. To Enhance Security Layers
  2. Increase Google Rankings
  3. To Acquire the Updated Browser Labels
  4. Increase Conversions
  5. To Gain Customers’ Confidence

Managed Hosting Services

If you are looking for managed hosting services then Hostbillo also provides managed VPS services in Russia. Their experts will handle your site with A to Z server management facility. With our managed VPS hosting plan you will get-
  1. OS Server Installation & Configuration
  2. Ongoing Server Maintenance
  3. Guaranteed Network Maintenance & 99.9% Uptime*
  4. Active Hardware Performance Monitoring
  5. Active OS Security Protection & Patching
  6. Powerful Malware Protection
  7. Proactive Service Monitoring
  8. Practical & Effective Backup Solutions* (Need to purchase a Backup plan as an add-on)
  9. Reliable Availability & Uptime
  10. Accurate Documentation & On-Demand Support


So, if you have a high-traffic website then hosting it on a VPS server would be the best decision you can take. This hosting server provides high-grade features to gain the best performance for your site. However, with Hostbillo you attain all the required hosting features with its Cheap VPS hosting services in Russia. As we have discussed in the article that Hostbillo is the best host to host your high-traffic website on its virtual hosting services. Other than the features that we have discussed above, you get the choice to obtain an operating system as per your wish. You can also choose the nearest data center facility for your website. By having Hostbillo’s Russiam VPS Server, you’ll get 20X faster speed of your website.

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