May 26, 2024
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Your production piece is just as good as the brief. Writing an effective production brief is crucial, it serves as a measurement of success and if poor measures are set up it will be hard for your project to meet the objectives that it’s set out to achieve. A clearly outlined brief not only ensures that everyone is on the same page but also allows your team to achieve success and meet client expectations. We’re going to help you prepare an effective production brief with 5 simple tips.   Define Your Objectives Clearly Defining your objectives will allow you to develop a plan of action that will help guide your thinking. Asking yourself, what do we want to achieve with this project? Who is our target audience? What message do we want to convey and what feeling do we want to evoke? Having answers to these questions will help your team in making decisions concerning the creative direction, budget, and timeline of the project. A clearly defined brief gives the production team an overall vision of the brand. This is how we meet our client’s objectives, we set out clear-cut objectives guaranteeing our clients are set up with thought-provoking concepts that yield a great return on investment for the brand ensuring they lead their respective industry with purpose.  

Determine your budget.

Determining your budget before you start writing the brief will help you determine what is possible and what is not. Being realistic  about what you can afford and what you need to prioritize. This will help you make impactful decisions when it comes to creative direction, casting, and other aspects of your production. Massive amounts of time are wasted when we execute briefs without understanding the costs and what the client is willing to pay. One needs to set a budget that you and your client can agree on.   If you’re looking for a professional and experienced agency to help you budget for your next production brief, then Wetpaint advertising solutions  is the perfect fit for you. We guide our clients to set realistic budgets that will bring them value, we never want to spend too little nor do we want to spend too much, we come up with the most cost-effective budget to meet your brand objectives.  

Outline the Creative Direction:

Outline the creative direction for the project, the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve and the story you are trying to articulate. This information will help guide the creative team in talking to your audience in an engaging and relatable manner. Wetpaint Advertising can elevate your brand experience through exciting advertising campaigns. Our team of creative minds can help you develop a well-defined and impactful creative strategy for your upcoming advertising campaign. Our deep understanding of brand messaging, design, and targeting is a driving force in creating unique and memorable brand experiences.  The extensive experience we have in the industry positions us to help you increase market share and ROI.

Specify the Format:

Specify the format of the final product. Will it be a television commercial, a video, or a digital campaign? Furthermore, knowing the format of the final product helps to determine necessary royalties for talent, music, and footage as different formats may require varying licensing fees. Accurate budgeting for these expenses is possible only when the format is clear. Communicating the desired format to the production team aids in achieving a shared understanding among all members, which is crucial to avoiding any confusion or misunderstandings throughout the production process. We provide exceptionalo fulfil all your brand’s requirements. Our services include explainer videos, promotional videos, TVCs, and animation services. Rather than engaging multiple agencies, you can rely on us as your one-stop shop for all your video production needs.

Set Realistic Expectations:

  Set realistic expectations for the project. Be mindful of the budget and timeline and be willing to make compromises if necessary. This will help ensure that the final product meets your expectations and that everyone is happy with the result. The amount of time it takes to make a film or animation depends on what kind of film or animation it is. A simpler animation like 2D might take less time to make than a more complicated animation like 3D. If it’s a live-action film with real actors, it can take even longer because there are many things to do before and during and after filming. It’s important to plan and manage the time the process to make sure the project is finished on time. This includes planning before filming, the actual filming, and editing the film after filming.   In conclusion, creative briefs are essential for ensuring the success of projects undertaken by the agency. By following the tips outlined above, you can help ensure that the final product meets your expectations. With a well-written production brief, you can have confidence in your end product. To take your next project to the next level, there is no better ad agency to write your production brief than Wetpaint. Our independent tribe composed of diverse thinkers committed to creating long lasting impact for its clients.  

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